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How do you know if your new car is a Lemon?

Take our quick quiz to see if you have a lemon. If you qualify, then fill out the Free Evaluation Form . If we take your case we look to the manufacturer for the fees, not you. Take the quiz now!

Should you retain a lemon law lawyer?

Definitely. I have substantially greater negotiation power and can achieve better results. I have worked successfully in the consumer field since 1993 developing extensive legal knowledge and I know the contacts within the manufacturers. Further, if I can't collect anything for you, then I am not entitled to a fee.

Questions about the Lemon Law in Michigan?

What kinds of problems are covered by Lemon Law? How do I know if I have a “lemon” covered by the Lemon Law? Is there a time period within which the initial attempted repair must occur? Our Q & A will answer these questions and more.

What is the law in Michigan?

Michigan enacted the lemon law to protect consumers. The law is different in different states. What does it take for your car to qualify as a lemon? Read the complete Michigan Lemon Law to find out what the details are in Michigan.

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