Report: Honda owners' accounts hacked, millions of customers at risk

The Internet has indeed revolutionized the way people do business, but this doesn't come without some faults. Hackers pose a threat to not only individual people's computers, but to the databases of large corporations, and a recent attack on American … [Continue reading]

Report: 136 recall campaigns in 2010 have covered 17.2M autos, and it's still not a record year

It's been a banner year for big recalls, or at least it feels that way. What with high profile recalls from Toyota for everything from runaway vehicles to brake issues and a host of smaller problems from nearly every automaker in the market, it … [Continue reading]

Report: Honda recalling 10,800 Accord and Pilot models over potential suspension failure

Filed under: Coupe, Sedan, Recalls, Safety, Crossover, HondaTags: 2010 honda pilot, 2011 honda accord, 2011 honda pilot, accord, honda, honda accord, honda accord recall, honda pilot, honda pilot recall, honda recall, pilot … [Continue reading]