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Sally Tanner told me last week that there was an article about the Lemon Law in the Times-Standard (“Getting to know the Lemon Law,” Times-Standard, Feb. 17, Page A4). She wasn’t mentioned.

Sally Tanner authored the Lemon Law. It took three years to get the bill through. She believes the day she gave all the legislators a lemon helped. Truth is, if it would have taken four years, or 10, Sally Tanner would have gotten that bill through, because it’s not OK to sell someone a lemon and call it something else.

Sally Tanner represented California’s 60th District in the Assembly for 14 years, 1979-1992. She was a fierce pioneer for environmental protection, the first chair of the first standing committee on the environment in California. She chaired that committee for 12 years, leading the nation in hazardous waste legislation. She also developed what became known as the Tanner Planning Process for brokering agreements between waste facilities, counties, the state, and local residents — a huge leap in collaborative planning based on inclusion. She worked hard. And loved it.

Sally Tanner lives in Ferndale. There are lemons all around her house, as well as art, books, framed photographs (with Desmond Tutu!), rescue dogs, a ping-pong table … she has painted, parented, played poker, traveled the world … and worked her district. She has a wonderful home, family, and circle of friends, and many accomplishments, including the one she wants you to remember — winning the Cal-Ore fishing derby with her partner Pat Hofstetter. That was the really big fish.

Lynn Evans, Trinidad

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