More lemon law claims? More new car owners come forward after they spot rust … – WPTV

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. – Have you ever looked under your car or truck?

New car owners are shocked at what they’re finding.

A Consumer Watchdog investigation in February revealed new vehicles that look like they’re used.

It’s prompted others to take action.

Retired and ready to enjoy life, Cathy Stepaniak bought a 2014 Toyota Tacoma to cover all the roads she’ll travel.

“I worked 25 years to save up for this truck,” explained Stepaniak.

She’s already traveling a road she never expected.

“I’m very upset I cried all the way to the dealership,” explained Stepaniak.

Stepaniak took her car to the dealer after watching our Consumer Watchdog investigation into rusty new trucks.

“We were glued to it,” explained Stepaniak.

When Stepaniak went outside to look at her own truck she found rust.

“This is holding the exhaust system toward the back,” explained Stepaniak.

John Higgins also saw our Consumer Watchdog investigation.

“I thought I was the same guy on TV with the exact same problem,” explained Higgins.

His Ford truck is nearly new.

“I see a lot of rust on the axle and drive shaft,” explained Higgins.

Both customers were told the rust was normal, and their manufacturer didn’t do anything to help them.

They’ve only been to the dealer once. After three trips, they can make a lemon law claim.

That’s what Michael Gallagher did who we featured in our first story.

After calls by his lawyer and the Consumer Watchdog, Toyota took care of the issue.

“I couldn’t thank Jenn enough,” explained Gallagher. “Toyota changed their mind and they ultimately settled the case with my lawyer and myself and ended up getting a check.”

Gallagher bought a new truck, and this time around he checked it out.

“First thing I did was look under the vehicle and it looks great,” explained Gallagher.

Something every driver should do even if you’re buying new. You never know what happened to that truck between the factory and your driveway.

A car expert believes these trucks are exposed to something along the road to Florida.  Whether it’s salt, salt water, or a chemical.

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More lemon law claims? More new car owners come forward after they spot rust … – WPTV

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