Zolonz & Associates Now Specialize In Lemon Law

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“The California court system takes breaches of warranty very seriously,” said Adam Zolonz, representative for the law firm. “We make it our mission to help clients protect their rights under the lemon law.”

(PRWEB) March 17, 2014

Lemon laws are a set of consumers rights when purchasing a wide range of consumer goods, but they mainly apply to the purchase or a lease of an automobile. The manufacturer is responsible for the repair of mechanical problems as stated in the warranty in a reasonable amount of time. If, however, the motor vehicle is not fixed, than the consumer is entitled for an equivalent replacement or a refund.

Although both state and federal laws have been protecting consumers under the lemon laws since 1975, it is often difficult for individuals to know the full legal details to receive full restitution for their mechanical issues. Therefore, Zolonz Associates can help consumers file a lemon law claim if they feel their vehicle manufacturer failed to repair their vehicle in due time to their satisfaction.

Zolonz Associates is a full-service Los Angeles law firm providing a wide range of legal services, and representing a broad client base, from major corporations to individuals. The firm specializes in Plaintiff’s consumer litigation under the California lemon law.

The firm’s founder, Adam Zolonz, created a business model as an alternative to the traditional law firm. Zolonz Associates offers the same quality representation that clients expect from the nation’s largest firms, without the billing rates associated with those firms. The firm provides top firm expertise alongside personalized treatment that the big firms simply cannot provide.

For more information about Zolonz Associates, and the services they provide, call 310.247.8230, or visit their website at http://zolonzassociates.com.

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