Purchasing a New or Used Vehicle

Just in case you’re thinking of purchasing a new or used vehicle and do; then keep this in mind. The Lemon Law applies to all new and used vehicles. You will need to prepare yourself if you start having problems.

 When you buy you need some things that will help you in-case you have breakdowns.

1) Ask for Free loan car when your vehicle is getting repaired.

2) Ask for a Zero deduction on all repairs.

3) Be sure these two thing are in writing before you sign the contract.

4) Writing is enforceable voice is not.

After you buy and if you start having problems with your new or used vehicle and you get repairs.

1) Make sure you keep all receipts for repairs and service.

2) Be sure the complaint is written down the same way each time and verify it before you sign.

3) Remove all items from the vehicle before you leave it.

4) If you are told something, then write it down with the time, date and person.

5) Keep notes as well about when it happened and what you were doing when it happen.

If after four attempts to repair you vehicle and the same problem is still going on then call a Lemon Law attorney for help if you think you need it. Safety issues are two times in most states for a repair, the safety issues are ABS and SRS warning lights coming on. A reason to be sure your complaint is written down the same way each time is so the other side can’t say well it read you only said that problem happened one time. Four complaints for the same problem have to be written down the same way this is strength for your case.

The attorney will need your entire paper file so to see if you have a good claim.

There is help and the help don’t cost if you have all your paper work in order.

Any question please let me know, God bless all,

Jackie the Lemon Guy