Rich, Wind-Tunnel-Defying Simu-Wood™ Trim Adds Style To Reagan-Era Chrysler Town & Country

Thick faux-wood trim on a Chrysler wagon as late as 1986? Hey, it’s 2011 and you can still get Super 8 movie film!

I can’t decide whether this is the most hideous station wagon ever made or one of the greatest. Chrysler had gone entirely front-wheel-drive by ’86, and their minivan was already delivering multiple tire-iron-to-the-kidneys blows to station wagon sales… yet they still honored the 5,500-pound wagons they’d built 15 years before.

The K platform made for shockingly spacious interiors; this wagon rivaled some of the monstrous battlecruiser wagons of years past for interior space.

Turbocharged and fuel-injected! Too bad they never made a Shelby-ized LeBaron Town Country. This car listed at $11,998 with the turbo package, about the same as an ’86 VW Quantum wagon and $1,500 less than an ’86 Volvo 245 Turbo wagon or an ’86 Olds Custom Cruiser.