Lease Cars Covered Under Ohio Lemon Law

A local woman leases a vehicle from a dealership and gets a mountain of problems.

Mary Jean Ferrari leased a new Volkswagen Jetta in 2009.

After driving the car a few months, she started to see problems with the air conditioner.

She took it to the dealership where they could not find any problems.

Then, a few months later, the clutch completely went out on the car while she was driving on the freeway.

No one was hurt, and the car again was taken back to the dealership.

Because of the nature of the repair, a district manager from VW was called in.

 “Why would they send a district manager if it was just a simple thing like, ‘Oh, it’s an old clutch. It has to be repaired. This broke, literally … it broke,” Ferrari said.

After repairs were finished on the clutch, a diagnostic test was done. A problem was discovered with the air conditioner. That problem also was fixed.

Ferrari, feeling the car was now unsafe, wanted to return the Jetta.  

She asked the dealership and was told there was not much they could do and that she needed to contact VW leasing.

She called VW Financial and was told all they could do was give her one month off her lease payment but she would have to keep the car.

“I am not looking for any money. I am not looking for a brand new car. I just want to return this car,” explained Ferrari.

According to the Attorney General’s office, lease vehicles are covered under the Lemon Law in Ohio.

“But the coverage of the Lemon Law is for the first 12 months of the car’s life and/or the first 18,000 miles,” stated Ohio Attorney General Richard Cordray.

Ferrari says she will be filing a claim with the Attorney General’s office since her problems started 11 months into her lease.

“I just feel on a brand new car this should not be happening,” Ferrari said.

NBC 4 also called the dealership about this situation, and they said they would talk to Ferrari again to see if they could help further.

If you want to start a claim with the Attorney General’s office, you can call them at 800-282-0515 or go

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